High School Sports

I think that high school sports are a big thing. Everyone looks forward to the friday night football game. Everyone looks forward to the next sports season. I think that everyone who wants to play a high school sport should give it a chance and never let someone tell them they can’t do it.

Spring or Fall?

Personally I believe that spring is better than fall because when spring comes it means that the snow is leaving. Unless if you live is south dakota. Then snow can come whenever. I also like spring more because its warmer than fall is. Also, because spring means school is almost out.

Is college like I thought it would be?

I originally had the thought coming in to college that it was going to be very difficult and something I would not want to do. But now that I am experiencing it, it is not that bad when you show up and do your work on time. The teachers are more understanding and are willing to help you. It is also nice that its a 2 year tech school and the classes are not as big as on a normal college campus.

Summer Plans

My summer plans for this summer are to start with going to Florida with my girlfriend. Also, I will be working this summer to pay for my bills. For school we have a summer semester of classes so I will be attending those classes as well. The last thing I plan to do during the summer is hangout with friends.

Spring Training

I think spring training is a cool thing that they do for the MLB players. It gives everyone who has been drafted into an team, a chance to show what they have and it gives them a chance to try and make the team. I also think its cool that they only have it in two places, Arizona and Florida. I personally went to Arizona last year and attended a spring training game and it was one of the coolest things I have done.

Best Meal of the Day

I personally believe that the best meal of the day is lunch. I believe this because I normally do not eat breakfast in the morning so I am always looking forward to lunch and tend to be more productive after having my meal. I do not eat breakfast in the morning mainly because I am never hungry when I wake up. So everyday I am always looking forward to enjoying my lunch.